Jennifer Kerstetter - 30 Day ADHD Mastermind Program Testimonials

Jennifer Kerstetter | 30 Day Mastermind ADHD Success Program

The 30 Day Mastermind Programs

Understanding YOU to better achieve your on-going dreams.

In the very near future we will be offering multiple Mini-Mastermind Programs as well as a 90 Day Full Mastermind program, all designed to help you overcome any and all obstacles preventing you from achieving your dreams.


Each Mastermind Program Includes:


Schedule Three Calls with Coach Jen

With the purchase of this mastermind program you recieve three hour long mentoring phone calls with Coach Jen.

Access to the Mastermind Program

Gain access to 30 days worth of inspiring content and instruction.

Group Collaboration & Encouragement

Coach Jen offers group calls every week to recieve instruction and motivation on your journey to a new YOU!



30 Day Mastermind Program - ADHD Mindshift

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: This 30 Day program is specifically designed to help YOU identify strengths and weaknesses, so you can begin to overcome the distracted mind.



  • Identify Fears
  • Identify Limiting Beliefs
  • Practice Thankfulness for Limiting Beliefs
  • Create New Core Concepts of Self
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching with Coach Jen
  • Small Group setting with like Minded Women
  • 30 Daily audio lessons with Call to Action & Built in Accountability Check in’s