Jennifer Kerstetter - 30 Day ADHD Mastermind Program Testimonials


We love hearing from people who have experienced personal break throughs with our 30 Day Entrepreneurial Mini Mastermind Program.



"When I finally reached out to Entrepreneurial Coach for ADHD Empowered Women, Coach Jen Kerstetter I was experiencing days filled with unmotivation, overwhelm had taken over my life, and literally felt stuck in my situation. So, my days were usually filled with being cuddled up on the couch with the dog, wasting hours. In working with Coach Jen I started valuing myself again, believing in my ability to be a successful woman, and learned how to prioritize the many responsibilities in my life. I now enjoy a life of confidence in myself to do things that were unimaginable before such as becoming an Independent Consultant for Usborne Books and More. More importantly I’m enjoying being ME, a Mom and wife who is present with her family. In working with Coach Jen I’m finally moving forward with my life. Living each day looking forward to enjoying Life’s daily adventures and exploring what life has to offer."

Janice Short
Independent Consultant for Usborne Books and More
Paraeducator in Delaware County Schools